April 24-25, 2021

Last year’s “Living on the Edge” conference highlighted how present diversity is in our daily lives in Japan and our individual experiences of living that difference. Much has changed in the last few months and we now find ourselves in the grip of a global pandemic; many of us more physically isolated than before, discovering new and necessary ways to connect with others. Interculturalist Milton Bennett said, “Our initial response to difference is usually to avoid it.” At Living on the Edge 2021: Stories that Connect Us, we invite you to share how you negotiate your lived difference in the community around you. Specifically, how do we use our differences to connect with others? How do we share ourselves in our classrooms, our workplaces, our families and in our wider communities?


IMPORTANT: Zoom links for each session are embedded in the website, so click on those you'd like to see and you'll find a blue button to click to enter the Zoom room a few minutes before the session begins. ;). If you need direct help feel free to enter the Help Room (Zoom)

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